What We Do

We are a team of professional entrepreneurs from different regions of the world, offering translation and interpretation services.

We have the faculty to issue invoice, authorized by the tribute administration of diverse countries*.

*RPH in Peru; and invoice in Spain, European Union and China.

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Our Clients

The companies that we have provided our services are from different industries, as mining, automobile, tourism, transport and communications, among others.

Inca Rail
Travex Security
Lima Tours
Tianma Perú Travel
Shougang Hierro
Shoukan Minera
Jinzhao Mining
Plasticueros del Perú
Autocar del Perú
Dongfeng Sokon
Barra de Grau

Our Team

Our team of translators is formed by native speakers and highly capable translators in the translations and interpretation services. They have broad knowledge of foreign languages, based on educational or professional experience.

These are some of our main translators:

Cenyuan, chinese translator


chinese language

Native from China. She has broad experience as translator and interpreter in automobile, mining, tourism, import and export, construction, engineering and education industries. Expert in technical terminology. Works as Chinese and Spanish online teacher. Studied a master degree in Spain.

Cassandra, german translator


german language

Native from Germany. She has broad experience as translator in tourism and education industries. She has worked in Germany and Costa Rica, where she furthered her command of Spanish language. She studied a master degree in Germany, and Spain where the language used by the teachers was Spanish.

Patricia, german translator


german language

Native from Peru. She has broad command of German language, as she learnt it at a very young age. She has broad experience as translator in educational, logistics, import and export and intercultural industries. She studied her bachelor's degree in Echonomics in Germany, and the language used was German.

Ilenia, italian translator


italian language

Native of Italy. She has specialized training and broad experience in Spanish-Italian translations and viceversa. Very talented with languages, besides having an impeccable command of Spanish, she also speaks English, Portuguese and French. Her background makes her an expert in diverse topics.

Corinne, french translator


french language

Native of France. For many years she lived in Peru, where she accumulated experience as translator in fields as solidarity, tourism, art (mosaics, painting, jewelry) and graphic design. She is also an active member of associations with solidary purposes.

Rafael, english translator


english language

Native of Peru. He has broad knowledge of English language, as he learnt it at a very young age. He has served as interpreter in religious events. He has experience working in the United States, where he furthered his command of English language.

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